I caught the Pinterest-fever, like everyone else around me, when I started noticing that a lot of things I generally buy at the store I can make (or build) at home. With my allergies getting worse every year *shakes fist at Kansas*, I needed to do something. I can’t use many beauty products because the fragrances and whatever else they add to it brings on the allergies. Woe.

As a accounting student (yup, math), I generally don’t have a lot of time, but I also don’t have a lot of money either. This is where my obsession with soap making was born. It gave me a creative outlet while also experimenting with science. Yay, science! I love every minute of it, when I have those minutes to spare.

I’ve also dabbled in making my own deodorant and toothpaste. I’ve been blogging about all this over on Livejournal (What!? I’ve had it since 2003!), but when I have time (that really should be considered a 4-letter word!) I’ll move condensed versions of those posts over here.

My other obsession is my dogs, so you might see dog pics on occasion.

How could I deny these faces?
L-R: Smokey, Khayla, Quinn

Smokey was born roughly around the first of September 2011. He’s a Humane Society mutt, a shepherd mix. His litter mates had some brindle, but he doesn’t. We were informed that him and his litter mates had ingested some poison before being turned over to the humane society. We had to give him Vitamin K the first month he was with us and he developed a limp in his right fore paw. The limp is gone and he’s doing great now. He’s our Smokey-dokey-artichokey.

Khayla is a sweet tempered, pit bull. My old lady. She was born roughly mid-April 2001. I adopted her from my BFF after she got married. I knew Khayla and I were meant to be buddies when she came to me for comfort. She was barely a year old and her tummy was feeling a little sore after she tanked on water. She decided I needed it in my lap. Thanks, Khayla. I love her to bits. She has saved me more times then I can count.

I think Quinn is a rat terrier mix. He’s hyper, has a horrible, screechy bark and is the neediest little thing I’ve ever met. When my ex-roommate moved out, she left him with me. Otherwise, she would have sent him to the humane society. I couldn’t let that little dork be sent to the shelter, so I kept him. He was born sometime in 2006.

I saved the best for last, my wonderful husband, M~, my Mad Scientist. I don’t know why he puts up with me, but he does. We met in May 2009 (on Livejournal, of all places), married May 2010, and it just keeps getting better. He’s the alchemy to my zen. 🙂

~ Jypsie

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