My first Fair! – KETCH Artisan Fair

I was approached on Etsy on April 18th to be a vendor for the KETCH Artisan Fair. Overall, I think it was a great experience, and was wonderful meeting everyone. I handed out a number of business cards, so I hope they visit. Because of the Fair, I finally decided to publish my Facebook page, so you can add me there, too.

I was apprehensive about doing a fair already. I made my first batch of soap last year, so I didn’t think I was ready, or have enough stock. I asked my friends on Facebook and they said it would be a great opportunity, which I agreed. The cost for the vendor booth wasn’t a bad price, plus it was going toward a good cause. I also donated 3 bars of soap to their auction, even prettied it up in a basket with a loofah.

I asked my friend Tina to come help me, because I am too humble to sell my own soap. I might get better at it, but she gushes about my soap. For instance, her teen daughter had acne and nothing seemed to work for it, but now her acne breaks out are few and infrequent.

So, anyway, Tina was super excited about helping me out and by the end of the day, she got a bar of soap. 😉  Her mother-in-law stopped by toward the end of the day and asked to barter with me, dinner at Texas Roadhouse for a bar of soap. How could I refuse?!  The meal was super appreciated! I was so hungry by the end that I was tempted to eat my own soap.   Despite how hungry I was, though, I only ate half my steak and fries. I took it home to hubby, gave him a kiss, and passed out till the next day.

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I’m ashamed to admit that these pics were taken by me. I should know better, but I was feeling especially lazy after dragging everything into the hotel, and setting it up – and didn’t think the pics would be used for much, only to show how I had things set up.

I really wasn’t prepared to do a fair, since I wasn’t aiming to do one anytime soon. I’m mainly focused on selling to friends and family, and people they know right now, and getting my recipes set up how I like them. However, I have to say, this was a huge learning experience on what to expect at a fair.

As you can see from the pics, I have a bowl set up with samples (they look like cheese bites!), and the name of the soap with the ingredients and the boxes of soap in front of the sample bowl. I need to figure a better way to display my soaps.

Why don’t people take samples?

Anyway, I made back my vendor fee, which makes me happy. I just went over the costs of each of the soaps and the profit I made, remove the vendor fee, and I still made a slight profit. So, not a complete bust, and got my name out there.

There were not a lot of people who showed up, but I don’t think it was heavily publicized. There were times when Tina and I were just sitting there chatting with each other, or our neighbors.

For future fairs, I would like to dress up in steam punk fashion: corset, little hat, and a lab coat. Wha?! I’m doing alchemy here! *hehe* I would also like to start making the labels with a steam punk graphic designed look. I accidently did that with my business cards. They were purple and yellow, but I inadvertently printed them in black and white… and I like them! 

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