#19 – Cucumbers!

I’ve been busy so my poor blog has been neglected.

A friend asked for cucumber scented soap. What I had on hand was Aloe Vera & Cucumber and Cucumber & Melon fragrance oils from Nature’s Garden. Since all I had was 1oz of each, I added Eucalyptus and split the batch in half. I had new smaller loaf molds that I was wanting to try out (blue silicone). I also tried to color them up to be green and peachy using a combination of Safflower/paprika and spirulina. I didn’t mix it very well since the paprika left orange spots. *grump*

I’ve been using a sliver in the shower. Smells heavenly and seems to lather up alright. About average for all my soaps.

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I can cut each loaf to about 3 bars of soap from each, and they weigh roughly 3.5-3.8 oz each, so a slightly smaller bar of soap than the loaf mold I normally use.

I also had half eggs and shamrocks. The eggs didnt turn out the way I wanted, unfortunately. They are waaay too dark. My thoughts on saving them is to shred them and mix them in uncolored batter and make cupcakes. They are scented with Vanilla, Peach, and Strawberry fragrance oils. I’m contemplating what to scent the cupcake with, but vanilla would discolor and I would rather keep the cupcake part a light shade of soap. Peach and Strawberry?

The shamrock was just left over cucumber that I didnt know what to do with. I might sell them. I haven’t decided yet. St Patrick’s day is over, so I might not. *ponder* Dunno. I might just keep them for myself.

Vegetable oils: Coconut oil, Olive oil, Sunflower oil, Palm oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Castor oil.



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