#18 – Name that soap!

On facebook, I asked a bunch of my friends/family to help me name this latest batch.


I love the way it smells. It has sandalwood, wormwood, patchouli, and peppermint. Very masculine, very sexy. The peppermint fades, and gives it that nice crisp/clean smell with all those earthy scents. Very yummy. I like sitting here and smelling it. If my guy bathed in it, I would not let him leave home ever again. >.> *ahems* Anyway…

Wormwood is one of the active ingredients in  Absinthe, its what makes you see the Green Fairy. I had a thought making a play on words with that, but anything Fairy, still sounds too feminine, and I would really like the name to reflect how masculine of a scent this is.

So, on with the names, right? In no particular order.

Chelsea voted with her suggestion: Trippy Hippie

Chris was stuck on the ingredients used, like the aloe vera and sodium lactate because lactate reminds him of boobs. Yeah, I have friends like that, too. 😉 Of those, I’m going with.. I have no idea. Aloeha. Heh. It was a toss up with Sherwood Surprise. Although AloeNa, would be a play on the aloe vera and lye.

  • El Verde
  • Forest Loaf
  • Sherwood Surprise
  • Aloeha
  • Evergreen

My uncle Danny voted with his suggestion: Filthy Dude Green with Envy (this would also go to Josie, see below).

Emily, who has received soap in the past for helping me name my creations came up with three. I’m kind of partial to Satyr Gator, satyrs being the salacious creatures that they are, and how this soap gets to me. *ahems*

  • Hippie’s best
  • Pretty Paisley
  • Satyr Gator

Jennett came up with two names. Emerald Dream had gotten a couple of likes, so that one will be added to the list.

  • Emerald Dream
  • Zen Bar

Josie came up with two names. Incense and Peppermints got a like, so its going on the list.

  • Green with Envy (before my uncle came up with his – or rather, he was probably just adding the filthy dude part to it -because ya know.. soap)
  • Incense and Peppermints

Kat voted with her submission of Khammo.

Liz came up with a ton of names, but I need to wheedle it down to one. Of those, I’m going to use Masquerade because it received a like.

  • Forest Excursion
  • Hidden cam-o
  • Green Monster
  • Cam-ou-flavor
  • Beauty and the Green
  • Camuflar
  • Masquerade
  • Smokescreen
  • Green Deceit
  • Hiding in Green Sight
  • Green Cloak
  • Mint Taffy
  • Peppermint taffy pull

Marcus thought something with dinosaur in it because it looked scaly to him, so his submission is Pterodactyl Zen.

Steven came up with the following. I’m torn on these. I really cant decide which one to add to the poll.  But after talking to him, we combined two into Satyr’s Dreaming, which will be on the poll.

  • Sidh Dreaming (Scottish name for the Shee or dark faeries)
  • Satyr’s Scent (Based off my like of Emily’s idea, so it would also go to Em.))
  • Yggdrasill’s Rest

Tina submitted the name Enchanted Forest.

Will came up with 2 1/2 names, but I think I will go with Envy Me, for him.

  • Smell like a Man
  • Envy 
  • Envy me

Ok, here’s the poll. You can choose up to three favorites. If you want to write in one of the above that was not chosen for the poll, you can. Please remember, this  is a boy soap when voting. Some of the names seem girly to me. Everyone who submitted a name will get a small sample size sent to them. And it will be small. I will be dividing one soap into 10 slivers. Marcus doesn’t count (ha!) since I normally keep a bar of soap for us (3 actually, but two go into the drawer for future reference).

Edit: I am *trying* to close the poll. Since I dont play favorites with my wifeys (Emily and Jennett), I’m combing their submission into Satyr’s Emerald Dreaming. Both will get their very own bar to give to their fiancee/husband. Love to you both! Thanks everyone for voting!

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  1. droberts003@hawaii.rr.com says:

    all those ingr…. fitts hippy and we got plenty of those over here in Hawaii

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