Batch #13 – Hearts and Roses

I am way, way, waaaay late in creating soaps for V-day, which I should have been thinking about way back in November, but I was still thinking about Christmas. I could also market these for Mother’s Day, too. Or anniversaries.

I really need to plan ahead more but at the time I wasn’t ready to sell my soaps. I am still apprehensive  but only because there are others who have some gorgeous creations out there.

I didn’t order my molds until January, and they came from China. Not bad on the shipping though, it took 10 business days, so that was definitely a plus. I picked it up from HersMolds. She doesn’t have a lot of product, but the price seemed decent, and the turn around was fast. I like her stamps, when I have my logo finished and copyrighted, I am thinking of having her make my stamp. I thought about trying to do it myself, but trying to carve it out of a block is too intimidating. o.o

The hearts are larger molds than the roses, so I used 4 cups of soap batter, split in half. One half mixed with cocoa powder and chocolate fragrance and the other half with pureed strawberries, strawberry fragrance, and Red Lab color. Hopefully the seeds are a nice exfoliating, and not stabbing. There was extra chocolate, which went into 2 cupcakes. It smells good enough to eat!

The hearts, I used 2 cups of the soap batter, split in half. No added botanical or fruit, just the fragrance oils, one half is the English Rose, the other is Champagne. I think the roses turned out nicely, and smells very good.

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Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Lactate

Vegetable oils:
Sunflower oil
Coconut oil
Canola oil
Palm oil
cocoa butter
Shea butter
castor oil
Palm kernel flakes oil

Fragrance oils:
Dark Rich Chocolate
English Rose

pureed strawberries
cocoa powder
Red Lab Color

Lauric 12 | Myristic 5 | Palmitic 12 | Stearic 9 | Ricinoleic 4 | Oleic 28 | Linoleic 24 | Linolenic 2 | INS 131

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