Bags for soaps – A packaging story.

My current soaps are wrapped in saran wrap and kept in place by a sticker. Admittedly, a bit cheesey and lacks professionalism. I’d like to get away from plastic, though. While trying to brainstorm ideas for packaging, I thought of bags wrapped with a cigar label, but without a sewing machine that would be impossible. I was pricing small bags, like muslin bags, but they seemed kind of cheap-looking.

I mentioned my plight on Facebook, how I needed a sewing machine. My dad came through for me.  In a matter of a day, it was bought and shipped to me. Love my dad. ❤

I would love to tell you that I am an awesome seamstress,… but I would be lying. I haven’t touched a sewing machine since my early 20’s. My first bag, shown in the pics, is the “masterpiece” I crafted. It took me 2 days.

There was a lot of “Dammit” *ripriprip* as I ripped out the thread because I screwed up. Oh, and I did little button holes for the ribbon, which I ripped out at least twice before figuring out how that works. The sewing machine stops when its finished, how cool is that?  Ripping out the thread on button hole stitches, though, was a nightmare. I had to get the heavy duty, super bright flashlight out so I could see the itsy bitsy, tiny little stitches.

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Instead of buying certain fabric for different scents, I’m considering buying up bargain scrap fabric and recycling it into bags, as long as I can get a minimum of 3-6 bags out of it. I think that would save me on fabric, as the above fabric, although lovely, would have been quite pricey if not for the Christmas sale at Joann’s.  I’ve been browsing other Etsy shops to see if they sell their extras.

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