More supplies, ideas, and clients.

Does it feel like Valentine’s comes to early? Because I should have been thinking about it last month. I just realized, a day after New Years, that I should have been thinking about Valentine’s Day much sooner. Now I realize why stores have to think about Christmas in July. But can’t they just THINK about it, and not bombard us with Christmas music until way into December, like…. December 15th.

Sorry, ran off on a tangent. I worked retail this holiday season and if I have to hear another Christmas song, I’ll scream. Really, really loud. You, dear reader, would hear it.

I’m coughing just thinking of the strain on my vocal chords. Ok, maybe not that loud.

Anyway, so I started thinking about Valentine’s Day soaps. I have two molds, and a third I don’t like to use because its made of cheap plastic, or resin, or something. It makes me bitter because soap is impossible to get out of it. Oh, and I have the silicone cupcake molds. Those were fun to work with. I like the silicon molds so much, I bought two more. Super cute! Super far away. Like, Honk Kong, far away. I have to wait. I hate waiting. Why didn’t I think about Valentine’s molds in November?!

I finally bought supplies through Essential Depot, I’ve been wanting to try their lye. They were also having a great sale on nearly everything! As of right now, my lye, oils and essential oils are sitting in Orlando, FL. It should be here on Tuesday. ¬†It’s for my third idea.

My third idea is a men’s soap,… my first. I want to try a beer soap. I’ve been avidly watching Catherine’s video tutorials at Soaping 101, and she recently came out with a beer soap video. (She was my inspiration for cupcake soaps.)

I’m looking forward to playing with this project. I won’t use Pabst. My husband drinks Boulevard Wheat beer, so I’ll snag one of his bottles. Shh! Don’t tell!

I ordered more essential oils through another company because I needed certain scents that I couldn’t find anywhere else. Unfortunately, the gift card I used didn’t go through. Those scents have to wait for the molds coming from Honk Kong, anyway. Not stressed yet. Really.

Oh, I sold another sample today! Someone I don’t know. At least, I don’t think so. (Thank you! I hope you like the samples! Please tell me what you think in the feedback.) I’ve been trying to figure out how to work USPS’s Click-n-Ship most of the night. I’m about ready to call it a night and just drive over to the post office in the morning.

Oh, look at that. Almost 3am. Goodnight, Internet.

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