I’m super excited! I already sold one of my samples! Sure, it’s to a friend from school, but I have to start somewhere. Friends and family, then their friends and family, and their friends and family, and so on. I got the order yesterday, I shipped it out today. Go me!

But right now, my quandary is postage. My soaps, after being labeled and wrapped with care can weigh around 5-6 ounces. When I start sewing my bags, this might add another ounce or two (I don’t like using plastic as part of the packaging).

For my first order of samples, it weighed 5.15 oz in the bubble wrap mailer from Fed Ex, a cost of $1.29 + .07 tax (USPS has bubble mailers for the same rate). First Class shipping through USPS was 2.46 + .85 for delivery confirmation for a total of 3.31. That comes to $4.67 to ship First Class.

One of my gifted soaps with a total 4.50 oz was shipped for: $1.29 (package) + .07 (tax) + 2.29 (shipping) + .85 (confirmation) for the total of $4.50.

Another option is the Priority Mail envelope. It’s free. The bubble wrap material is $3.29 for 16″ x 9 feet. If I section that off every 12″ where its perforated, that’s $0.36/ per 12″. 5.50 +.85 for shipping and confirmation bring it to $6.26.

My conundrum is that all the other soap sellers on Etsy have a price between $2.45-2.75 for shipping. I’m assuming that’s First Class, because another Etsy shop owner had both First Class and Priority Mail rates.

I need cheaper shipping envelopes.

I downloaded USPS’s Click-N-Ship For Business to my computer, and sitting here playing with the ‘Calculate A Price’ section. I can mail First class under 13 oz from $2.29-3.65, not counting the .85 confirmation cost. For Zone 6, which is both east and west coasts.


I just solved my envelope problem. Between writing this, and browsing Etsy shops, I found someone who sells bubble envelopes. I bought 30. The cost of the envelope and to ship it to me is .30 per envelope, or .19 if I don’t count the shipping. $3.50 might be high compared to others, but I offer confirmation. Do they? I’ll have to buy something to find out. >.>

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