My soap has been gifted.

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah, or whichever holiday you celebrate. M~ and I didn’t exchange presents with each other this year. We spent our time together. He helped me in the kitchen, then we watched movies. I sent soap to a select few people, but I normally don’t even send cards. I’m really bad at that.


I was busy last Thursday boxing and shipping my soap off to their new homes; my dad, my two “wifeys”, my bff, and my best guy friend. I need to ship off 2 more boxes, one to my godmother and to my high school bff. HS friend is living on an Air Force base in Germany, so it depends on if I can afford it. Another package gets dropped off at a friend in town. As soon as I can snag her. Chels leads a very busy life.

Oh, and I have other awesome, great, fantastic news! When I posted about my soaps, a FB friend asked about it, begging for the peaches and cream and she would pay for it. I told her I would also add samples, too, but she would need to cover the shipping and handling. Not sure if she will purchase or not, and she hasnt answered. BUT, I added it all business-like over on Etsy which you can see here: Alchemical Zen. The soap and samples are listed for when/if she wants to pay for them. If she decides not to, then I need to adjust the shipping and handling rate. I low-balled it. =/


I’ve gotten a few reviews from friends:

T~ “Zomg! Sheila, the citrus soap is freaking amazing!!!! I haven’t needed lotion for days!” *preen*

My BFF’s daughter said: “My hands smell the best ever!”

My guy bestie said of his son and daughter “they loved them. although X~ wrinkled his nose and said ‘pleah, stinky.'”He’s 3. lol.

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