#9 Musings

First, I’d like to offer my condolences to those effected by yesterday’s tragedy. I still cannot find the words to express my deepest sorrow for those little angels who lost their lives yesterday or the anger I feel for the man who perpetrated this horrific crime.


I’m sitting here pondering my latest batch. I still love the idea of #9, because pomegranates and chocolate and oats and goat’s milk (oh my!), all of it sounds yummy and good for the skin. The sad thing about cold process soap, is the lack of instant gratification of knowing if its OMG WONDERFUL! Or just alright.

I need more experience in swirling. 😦 And colors. Of every batch I’ve done, and there aren’t many yet, I think that I’m being super creative, but the swirl or the layering, or whatever, is kind of blah. Or not exactly what I was hoping for. I would LoveLoveLove to go through a class, but all the ones I know about (Otion Soap or whatever the Guild posts from their members), are usually really, really far away from me. Or more than I can currently afford. Remember, I’m a student.

I’m trying to use natural colors, I like the idea of natural colorants, because brightly colored soaps, while cute, don’t seem like something I want on my skin. But I did have a lot of fun with the cupcakes, and they did turn out super cute. I hope the kids love them. 🙂

I was hoping for more red from the pomegranate juice, but it came out brown. I got about 57 grams of pomegranate juice from the one pomegranate and infused it in olive oil. I think I left it in the olive oil too long. It was still red when it was in the freezer, but went brown in the fridge. I only left it in there for a couple days (I kept delaying because I wasn’t feeling very well, but really wanted to make soap – I shouldn’t fight my body when it wants sleep. Hrmphs!). So I added the madder root powder to redden it up. I also need to wait more cure time because the sugar from the pomegranate juice has created a slight alcohol scent, I’m hoping that dissipates during the cure time. But I also don’t trust my nose yet. Everything smells weird when I’m sick. M~ says it smells mostly of pomegranates.

The chocolate extract, while brown, didn’t seem dark enough, but by the time I was staring at the color and thinking about it, the soap was already going into thick trace because of the Pomegranate & Vanilla fragrance oil I used. I also don’t think the chocolate extract came through very well. I need to find a chocolate fragrance oil.

I picked up the pomegranate and vanilla fragrance oil at Michael’s not too long ago in their candle & soap section, but if I make this again, I’ll get it through my other online sources instead. For instance, Peak Candle has some wonderful fragrances.

I use glass measuring cups, an 8 cup, 3 cup and 1 cup. I need to get a second 3 cup so I can more evenly distribute the soap batter. I only sectioned 1 cup of the noncolored soap batter but it wasn’t enough for this batch.

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