Batch #8 – Cupcakes

I’ve been seeing other soapers make cupcakes, and after watching Soaping 101’s “How to Make CP Soap Cupcakes {holiday designs}” and “Cold process soap piping techniques {tip 2D}“, I really wanted to give the cupcakes a go. I bought the silicone molds at Michael’s in their cake department, along with the frosting bag and tip. I had already picked up some peak fragrance oils when they had a sale on their sample set. Since I was doing this project with kids in mind for Christmas stocking stuffers, I figured the scents were kid friendly.

I also decided to add my sister’s Love Spell VS type fragrance oil to 3 of the cupcakes, along with her otters. She graduated from Cal State Monterey Bay this past May, so she is the family otter. (My failed Batch #3 was meant for her. Eventually, I’ll write the blog post for that, but its been pretty painful to write.)

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The original recipe from Soaping 101 calls for apx 41% olive oil, 32% palm oil, 23% coconut oil, and 4% castor oil. I made alterations to the recipe.


  • 30% Olive Oil
  • 25% Coconut Oil
  • 25% Palm Kernel Oil Flakes
  • 15% canola Oil
  • 5% Castor Oil

Lauric – 24 | Myristic – 9 | Palmitic – 9 | Stearic – 6 | Ricinoleic – 5 | Oleic – 33 |
Linoleic – 7 | Linolenic – 2 | INS – 166

I adding canola oil to replace part of the olive oil. I made a 2lb batch, and had almost too much for 12 cupcakes. But I didn’t have enough “frosting” set aside, so only 9 got “frosting” and a toy on top.

I did three different scents and colors. For the 1st row (starfish, dolphin, penguin), the cup is Peak’s Apple Blossom FO. I split the batter in half and colored one half with Berry Red LabColor, but I was hoping for pink.

In the middle row (octopus, sting ray, hammer shark), the cup is Peak’s Sage and Lemongrass FO. Again, split the batter in half with one half mixed with Blue Mix LabColor.

In the 3rd row (otter, otter, seal), the scent is Peak’s Love Spell VS type FO, and half the batter was colored with the blue and red. I was hoping for a purple, but I added too much red. The maroon is still a pretty color.

The “frosting” for all 9 cups is Bramble Berry’s Sweet Meyer Lemon FO, no coloring. I also added glitter that I picked up from Michael’s, but not in the middle row.

After a couple days of cure time, I trimmed the sides of the excess. I’m giving six away. The penguin and octopus are going to my friend’s daughter and son. The starfish is going to my BFF’s daughter, along with the sting ray. Both otters are going to my sister.

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