Batch #5 – Hippy soap reflections

I was going to edit the original post, but I’ll just add my thoughts here.

M~ and I spent Thanksgiving with Chelsea and several others. When I gave her the hippy soap batch, I had told her about DOS (dreaded orange spots) because one of the bars had started to develop it. She has some left over and told me that some have developed DOS. The hemp oil was nearly 30%, which I think is the reason for the DOS. I wont be using that exact recipe again. It wasn’t mine to begin with, but I was hoping it would be a decent soap. It seems it was only good for the short term, which worked out in my favor in this case. I’ve read since then to keep hemp oil down to 10-15%. Lesson learned.

The scent also didn’t stick very well. It really needed a splash of patchouli, the sandalwood was not enough and seemed like it was drowned out by the hemp oil. Looking at my notes, I think I’m also about 1/2 an ounce at not-enough fragrance oil. Another lesson learned.

If I do a hippy batch again, I’ll need to change it up. Chelsea has another hippy event in May, Interfuse. The oils used will need to stay on the inexpensive side, and add more patchouli.

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