Take a peek…

I’m working on my next soapy concoction. Take a look…

Pomegranate seeds. Yummy. I have many happy childhood memories of sticky fingers from picking the seeds out of pomegranates with my best friend.

I developed this idea based on an actual food recipe of what looks like a really yummy breakfast idea. And well, I decided it needed to be soap. When I make the soap, I’ll post the link to the breakfast yumminess so you can drool with me.

It might be a couple weeks before I can mix this idea up, because I need to pick up some oils for it, and decide which oils I want to use for it, depending on the properties. So, this is a tease. A sticky sweet pomegranate tease. You’re welcome.

The color goes well with what I saw outside my front door. I love fall.

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